Serrapeptase comes in a wide range of strengths, from 5,000 to 80,000 units, and the recommended dosages can very considerably from one expert to another.

Some experts recommend relatively small doses (5 – 10,000 Units) daily, up to 3 times a day.

Others recommend a front-loaded regimen, starting with high doses (40 – 80,000 units) until improvements are seen, and then dropping back to smaller doses.

Fortunately, so few side effects have been reported that higher doses may be quite safe to start with if one wants to try that.

Others, more cautious, may want to start with small to moderate doses (5 – 20,000 Units) and increase from there. Side effects are extremely rare, but not non-existent.

Some manufacturers quantify their serrapeptase in milligrams. Please note that 1 mg = 2,000 units, and 5 mg = 10,000 units, and so forth.

Some manufacturers offer their product with enteric coating so that it can withstand the stomach acids in order to reach the intestine where it can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Some claim that taking non-coated serrapeptase on an empty stomach will achieve the same goal, but still others say the effective dosage is halved in that situation.

Finally, people may simply want to follow label directions for their selected brand.